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Know your Risk!

When you understand your personal risk of heart disease, you can take targeted steps toward improved metabolic health!

One American dies every 37 seconds from a heart attack or stroke

But there's good news- you can take steps now to lower your risk!  The process that ends in heart attack or stroke starts early in life and can take decades to develop.  This is why managing your risk as early as possible will lower your chances of a cardiovascular event throughout your lifespan.  This is best done with an individualized combination of medical and non-medical therapy.

It's never too late to start reducing your risk of cardiac disease!

While it is best to start as early as possible, there is no need to worry.  Cholesterol-lowering treatments in adults over 75 years old are very effective tools to lower the risk of future cardiovascular events!

There is no "one-size fits all" approach

The elements leading to poor metabolic health are as diverse as the people they affect- SO ARE THE SOLUTIONS!  We will provide an individual assessment of the factors that are negatively impacting your health and help you take steps to address them.

Metabolic Health is Complex!

There is a complicated relationship among all the different factors that make up your metabolism; lipids and insulin sit at the center of it all!  Unfortunately, much of the available information found online is incomplete or contradictory.  We will help you sift through information to develop a plan suited to your personal health.

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