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The Lipid Clinic at SDACC

Offering specialized preventive cardiovascular care by a Clinical Lipidologist

For patients at elevated risk including those who have:

  • Prior heart disease or stroke

  • Pre-Diabetes or Metabolic Syndrome

  • Strong family history of cardiovascular disease

  • High Cholesterol or triglycerides not responding to standard treatments

  • Genetic causes of high cholesterol

  • Side effects to cholesterol lowering medication

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Services Include

  • Comprehensive assessment of metabolic and cardiovascular health

  • Advanced Lipid Testing

  • Genetic Testing

  • Interpretation of blood lipid panel and insulin level

  • Apolipoprotein B, Lipoprotein (a)

  • Individualized treatment plan tailored to your specific metabolic needs

Consult with our Cholesterol Expert

On the day of your visit we will:

  • Take some basic vital signs

  • For patients who need it, we offer cholesterol testing by a finger stick- results available in 5 minutes!

  • Provide a comprehensive assessment of your health by taking a thorough health history and reviewing your previous testing.  

  • At the end of your visit, your doctor will partner with you to develop an individualized plan- you may be referred for more testing if needed.

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Monday - Thursday

8:00am - 5:00pm


8:00am- 4:00pm


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